The doctors who run this laboratory are specialists in sleep disorders, active members of the Australasian Sleep Association.

Your GP can arrange a sleep study directly, however it may well be appropriate to have a specialist consultation, particularly if:

  • your daytime sleepiness is severe.
  • you have had a fall asleep motor vehicle accident or been frightened by dozing while driving.
  • you need to stay alert at work: with power tools or at a height.
  • other medical problems exist, made worse by sleep apnoea: diabetes, difficult to treat hypertension or heart problems.
  • your symptoms started without the usual issues such as significant weight gain or when a woman goes through the menopause.

Dr Allan Finnimore FRACP, Dr Robyn O’Sullivan FRACP

Associates: Dr Katherine Semple FRACP, Dr Rachel Thomson FRACP, Dr Miriam Vassallo FRACP,  Dr Sophie Williams FRACP, Dr Dinithi Samaratunga FRACP and Dr Tim Edwards FRACP.

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