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Experience a sleep study with doctors who are specialists in sleep disorders, active members of the Australia Sleep Association. Arrange a sleep study directly with a specialist consultation

Sleep Apnoea Advice

About 12% of chronic snorers have this potentially serious medical disorder where the airways become obstructed while asleep.

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Insomnia Advice

Brief night time awakenings are a normal part of the sleeping pattern especially in older individuals. Our doctors can help you manage prolonged wake periods for better sleep.

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There are four Sleep Care sites in Brisbane including Sleep Care Redlands at Mater Private Redlands, to visit to speak with one of our specialists.

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Referrals and apnoea screening tools

Medicare rules when ordering a sleep study have changed.

Direct referrals need to submit evidence that the patient meets criteria of an Epworth Sleepiness Score of 8 or higher AS WELL AS a positive sleep apnoea screening test. 

The simplest screening test is OSA 50 as on our referral form (needs to score 5 or more).  2 other options are a Berlin score and StopBang – these can be found below. We feel that the StopBang is a little more likely to be positive than a Berlin score.

Half of people with clinically significant OSA will not meet these cut off criteria and should be referred to a sleep physician who can arrange a sleep study.  (source: A/Prof G Hamilton, clinical chair, Australasian Sleep Association)

A4 referral form  A5 referral form  Berlin Score form  StopBang form

Book a Sleep Study at Brisbane’s Sleep Apnoea Specialists Clinic

When you are concerned with the quality, consistency, or duration of your sleeping patterns, it’s time to seek expert assistance, with a sleep apnoea test from SleepCare. Good sleep is an important component of personal health, and addressing the underlying lifestyle or medical issues which are preventing it can have a dramatic impact on how you feel when you wake up feeling.

A sleep disorder study can reveal what keeps you tired

A sleep study, also called a sleep apnoea test or a polysomnogram, allows the specialists at SleepCare to analyse your overall bodily activity during different stages of sleep. Once the cause of your poor sleep is identified from the PSG, we can recommend the most effective modes of treatment.

Whether you’re struggling with chronic snoring – a sign of possible sleep apnoea – or just waking up feeling like you have even not been asleep, a polysomnogram can help find the root cause and start back on the road to feeling better.

Brisbane’s Professional Sleep Disorder Study Centre
While sleep is a natural part of our existence, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you have trouble sleeping – whether you struggle to fall asleep or are perennially tired – SleepCare’s specialist sleep study centre may be able to uncover the root cause of your issues.
When you visit our sleep clinic, you will experience a study run by doctors who are specialists in sleeping disorders. As active members of the Australia Sleep Association, SleepCare is a specialist clinic focused on helping patients obtain a better night’s rest.
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We are the sleep apnoea specialists
More than a snoring problem, sleep apnoea is a potentially serious condition where the airways become blocked while sleeping. If you believe that you may be suffering from this condition, it’s important to seek medical advice. As a specialist clinic, SleepCare will perform a polysomnogram (psg) – that is, a test used to diagnose sleeping disorders – in order to confirm the root cause of your problems.
Treatment may involve a combination of lifestyle changes (e.g. weight loss), use of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine or a special mouth guard which holds the jaw forward.
Are you searching for a Brisbane based sleep clinic?
If you suffer from obstructed airways, restless legs, insomnia or simply have trouble falling asleep at night, SleepCare invites you to undertake testing at our specialist sleep study centre in Brisbane.
For more information, contact our clinic today on 1300 753 375
  • Brisbane’s Professional Sleep Disorder Study Centre
  • We are the sleep apnoea specialists
  • Are you searching for a Brisbane based sleep clinic?